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"rule over the caliphate was centralized" perhaps "rule over the provinces of the Caliphate was centralized"? The article combines history with cutting edge scientific research, and therefore is hopefully of interest for a broader audience. Citing Blake just demonstrates that that's the number used in that particular report. (I've also trimmed part of the previous context, such as the ownership history of the Sutton Hoo estate, which seems unnecessary.) Looks good. Thanks/cheers, Ian Rose ( talk ) 11:57, (UTC) Hi Nikki, per discussion with Gavin below I've added a new map under the Order of Battle section, could you pls check my licensing? I think it's worth noting for context, and I've never had a problem with it at previous GANs and FACs. "John, Duke of Normandy, the son and heir of Philip VI, was placed in charge of all French forces in south west France" in the section "French preparations". kurzgeschichten erotik tantra sex massage video

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The Palmyrenes might have elected Odaenathus to defend the city. Incidentally, you have two sources that are institutionally credited to Axle Arts, but the tweet lists "Axle Arts" as the collective author, while the other gives " Axle Arts " as a journal (which I'm not sure is right anywaymaybe an unitalicized publisher). He resigned from the Army in 1854, and attempted several civilian trades with limited success. I know there's a link, but given the level of detail you're going into, something might be said. At times, I think, they just lost sight of the human dimension of the program. Horowitz comes the closest, but he still has a couple of details wrong. My last point was going to be the cropping issue, but I see you already raised that. This is a commonly held view, that they were skilled seems like a matter of fact to me, so would prefer not to attribute, as then it would seem like opinion. This term is loosely attached to various specimens only.

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Or "down some stairs" or similar? If that's too much detail, why not just say in a 1942 paper or publication? Yeah, all in all, I guess I don't know what this paragraph is trying to say. I could go either way on keeping that in there, as it is only tangentially relevant, but I think it helps the narrative and any confusion over permission. A nomination will be removed from the list and archived if, in the judgment of the coordinators: actionable objections have not been resolved; consensus for promotion has not been reached; insufficient information has been provided by reviewers. This volume's copyrights were not renewed in the US after 1963. Moving west-northwestward, the storm crossed the island of Hispaniola and entered into the Windward Passage near Saint-Marc, Haiti, several hours later. Es geht darum, dass du dich und deinen Körper kennenlernst und auf diese Weise auch herausfindest, was dir Lust bereitet. kurzgeschichten erotik tantra sex massage video

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