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for such drastic reductions of civil liberties and for the elimination of specific national/cultural scopes of discretion and leeways. Which parameters cannot be influenced directly by the. So whoever has the movie "The Tin drum "American Pie "Eskimo Limon the new Harry-Potter or similar movies in his/her closet has to be reported by anyone (even the parents, the spouse, children, therapist, lawyer, priest) who (reasonably) presumes this. Like many other measures this one has largely been motivated by and based on UN-conventions. Every person convicted under the new offences will be registered in many member states as a sex offender and his registration automatically forwarded to the proper police authority when he relocates, and he/she will have to be banned from. Even the new Harry-Potter-movie will be made criminal as it features a nude scene involving simulated sex. Eighteen as the age of protection had been severely criticised by experts already back in 2004: Adolescents of seventeen are treated on the same footing as five year old children.

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sextreffen münchen nackte und angezogene frauen Das kann aber nur gelingen, wenn sozial- und familienstrukturelle Bedingungen existieren, welche das Risiko solcher Rechtsgutverletzungen mindern. So even depictions of adults and works of art or comics will have to be criminalised. 4) appears subject to arbitrary interpretation by the police and the justice systems, thus violating the universal constitutional principle of certainty in criminal law. "The Tin drum" in fact had once been banned in Northern America (the role model for this new EU-legislation) for displaying under-age sexuality.
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Instead of concentrating all forces on eradicating real child-pornography this kind of exaggerated criminalization heavily interferes with the sexual life of young people (even adults) and their right to sexual self-determination. Member states must not only prosecute producers, distributers and sellers of such movies; even mere private possession has to be punished with a maximum sentence of at least 2 years. Und noch massiver drohen unbeabsichtigte kontraproduktiv Nebenwirkungen. Sogar der neue Harry-Potter-Film wird zum Kriminaltatbestand, beinhaltet er doch eine Nacktszene mit simuliertem Sex. Only the EU parliament can and should! Contrary to what its recital. A nineteen year old young woman practising web-cam sex with a seventeen year old youth or an eighteen year old man photographing his 16 year old wife in a curt bikini on a beach could now be punished, if - despite. Above all, the definition of pornography (Art. Criminal law must not be abused for protecting the morality of certain groups. B) is much too vague and needs to be legally specified. Zu diesem Zweck wird der Datenaustausch innerhalb der EU erleichtert (Art.14). This assumption ignores criminological knowledge that such increase results entirely from increased social attention and increased readiness to report. 6 would lead to deterrence of perpetrators. Strict normative equalisation of 27 nations only leads to cultural distortions and informal resistance. Germany and Austria made use of these exceptions. It is empirically wrong to allege the child abuse will statistically increase.

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The new wording of the exception for consensual acts of youths sexually of age (Art. Legislation in force in the member-states beliebteste pornostars swinger hessen as well as the requirements established by conventions elaborated in the framework of the Council of Europe and the United Nations are totally sufficient in this respect. Movies like The Tin Drum or common coming-of-age movies, even the new Harry-Potter movie, could be criminalised. Free Speech Coalition ). Toughening criminal law on the books instead of addressing the worsening socio-economic situation and other social conditions of child abuse: this is politics by symbols and mere populism. When punishability is now extended to any person appearing to be a child or even realistic images. Toughened Criminal Offences The problems involved with the Framework Decision will substantially increase with the Directive. sextreffen münchen nackte und angezogene frauen

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